Pedro LaTorre tells his life story of baseball and his struggle with performance in all areas of life.
God Thinks Youre Great
God thinks you’re great
Experience this unique episode as though you’re watching a music video with God’s Word as the lyrics. Let God’s words encourage you to see yourself as He sees you.
Whosoever South
whosoever south
​MXTV Episode 2233 featuring Who So Ever South!
Hooked on Hurry
hooked on hurry
When doing all you can is never enough, you might just be "Hooked on Hurry."
KJ A Stalker Atlantafest
kj52, a stalker and atlanta fest
KJ-52 eludes a “stalker” (Tim Bisagno) before the final decision is made on the question - “Is this KJ-52 guy a typical rapper… just interested in his ego, his money and his shoes? It’s easy to see that everyone involved during this ATLANTA FEST episode had a ridiculously good time… and so will YOU!
Love What You Do
love what you do
Ps 37:4 is about doing what you love. Which according to host Tim Bisagno, is a verse bursting with permission to do just that! This beautifully done episode of MXTV is filmed from inside the intimate surroundings of one of Americas oldest Episcopal Churches. The high walls adorned with 175-year-old Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass serves not only as a background in this church but as a palette for the show. The art itself becomes a part of the story that invites us inside the very beauty of Ps 37:4. Come on inside. It’s a great view.
Tim's Testimony
tim’s testimony
Revealing his spiritual journey in word and picture, Tim Bisagno talks unguarded about living a life of drugs and alcohol while he battled with his call to ministry.
Giant Killers Wanted
giant killers wanted
David and Goliath. Take down the Giants in your life.
The Illusionist
the illusionist
Tim finds out that illusionist Brock Gill has one big secret he never hides.