Miracles are Everywhere

Miracles are Everywhere 

Miracles are simply things that cannot be explained by natural means and can only be explained through a supernatural touch from a divine power. I have experienced that power, and that power is the touch of the Almighty GOD. 

We live in a culture today where we have everything we need and abundantly more. We live in a country where we are free. Where medical care is readily available. Clean water is something we don’t even think twice about. We live in a culture where people feel they can take care of themselves financially and in most all other ways. Some don’t feel they need God or even want to know God. 

But what happens when those comforts are stripped away and all that is left is utter dependence on the one who created you? 

What I have learned over years of being fully dependent on God after everything in my life seemingly crumbled, is that miracles DO happen today and that NOTHING is impossible for God like it says in Luke 1:37. 

Over the years, I have lost all financial stability, lost my health, battled through a tumultuous pregnancy that should never have gone to full term according to the world, among many seemingly impossible challenges. I have overcome impossible circumstances and it is ONLY because of the miraculous work of Jesus Christ in my life. 

In Hebrews 13:8 it says that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” His miraculous touch in our lives was not over when he was crucified, I believe it was only the beginning! 

I pray this spoken word film opens your eyes to the miracles all around you. Because if you really look, you will see the power of God working and miracles happening all around. We just need the faith to see. 


Miracles are Everywhere:

I have seen miracles. I have lived a miracle. And I believe in miracles.

All it takes is us to believe. His word says if you have faith the size of a mustard seed……. you can move mountains. 

I’m done doubting the living fountain.... 

Jesus was a miracle worker for whomever … and He is the same yesterday…. today …. and forever. 

When I look into the eyes of my sweet baby boy.. I remember how the Devil tried to kill…. and steal…. and destroy… He tried to rob me of the unexplainable joy of holding my beautiful boy.. But today that child is healthy and strong.. He kept pressing on…. and beat the odds.

I have seen that miracles are everywhere. 

When my body was failing and I could barely make it through the night... My God gave me strength and a supernatural.. will to fight. 

I know that miracles are everywhere. 

When I remember this life doesn’t end in death….that I will be forever alive in heaven instead/ That the suffering of this world is not the end...

That God chose me to be His child…. To run in heaven free of suffering and disease... Forever worshipping the one worthy. The one who gave it all for me…. 

That….... is the greatest miracle of all.