mx more :: grace junkie by neil leatherbarrow
When I was born, I was the product of the sexual revolution in the sixties. My parents threw themselves into the world of free love and sex, and I was the result. My father denied I was his, and my mother became a drug addict....
mx more :: the struggle is real by chill aguilar
If you have been a believer long enough and can be honest to admit it, you will agree with me when I say the Christian walk is not a “wind sprint”. It’s more like a marathon race that can be long, tiring, cold, dark and lonely at times!...
mx more :: remedy by ylimemariee
Heart bleeds out in symphonies, cause your my remedy, you were always there for me, pulled me in like it was nothing, it was something
mx more :: my unbreakable life by Jennifer McGill
Can your life be blessed and broken at the same time? I am living proof that it can be, but also that a broken life is really no life at all. I am a church girl and former Mouseketeer...
mx more :: release
People are condemning instead of forgiving. Selfish over selfless. Boastfulness over humbleness. Crying inside, covered up with a smile on the outside. No mercy or grace, caught up in their own chains. Society digs holes inside us, dragging us down to our own self poverty....
Part Two
mx more :: part two
My voice is fading, my song has been far from me…distant like a cold symphony looking for my melody and then it hit me....
Need to Belong
mx more :: need to belong
Encouraging, Empowering and Strengthening Women in Life, Love and Faith....
mx more :: the bacon lover
No, you’ve had enough bacon; you don’t need anymore,” I said to my then little man, who is now 26, as I reached for more. It felt as wrong to me in the moment as it does now...
Thirteen Reasons Why Suicide is the Worst Option
Over three million copies of the novel Thirteen Reasons Why have been sold and the Netflix series is a runaway hit. It’s the story of a shy high school student named Clay Jensen, who comes home from school to find a package containing seven cassette tapes. ..
mx more :: battling on alone
When life is overwhelming, instead of running to Jesus, I sometimes battle on, alone. I know what the Bible says…but what I need is busyness. I’m building a wall against chaos, and every task is another brick...