There are different kinds of pain. The easiest one to recognize, to understand or to heal from is physical.  Other forms of pain, such as emotional or spiritual pain, are a bit more complex. Whether, it's a broken arm, a broken heart or a broken spirit, pain is an indicator; a warning sign that something is broken. It screams "Something is hurting, something needs healed."

Despite the knowledge that digging in to the pain and finding the source will bring relief, we often do the opposite. We medicate. We mask. We pretend to manage. Drugs, alcohol, people, television shows, over exercise, self help books, religion, social media, and more.   If we fail to seek out and uncover the root cause of our pain, healing will not occur.

It's so much easier to just run from it, right?

For me, that has translated into the literal sense of running.  I have found myself halfway through my small town, running so fast that I start to believe I might just outrun the issue at hand. I have learned though, that we cannot selectively turn things off. If we have a broken heart and decide to ‘close down’ the feelings because it hurts too much, we also are shutting off the feelings of joy and gladness.  If we aren't able to dive into the pain, to speak truth about it, to ask ourselves the hard questions, we won't find relief. 

It's a hard way to live, always in pain yet forcing a smile. Walking through life, each step more painful than the next. But being tough or saying "I'm fine, just fine!", is easier than breaking down and saying what really hurts. Yet in that honesty, that brokenness, we find life again. 

Pain is a gift that can lead to a beautiful, healed life. It’s my hope that we can all find the courage to be honest.  To be honest with ourself, with God and with others. If we are brave enough to ask where our pain is coming from, why it's still there and how we can move through to find healing, that's when healing can begin. Here's to pain, here's to healing, here's to a full life. 

With vision, Sarah


Sarah Ross
Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach


pic cred:  zac-ong-521210-unsplash