Faith in a Faithless World

Faith in a Faithless World:

This is my testimony. The story of how I made the most important decision of my life: putting my faith in Jesus. My story of how I have kept my faith in a faithless world.

We live in a faithless and immoral culture and one where so many people are lost and broken and I have found the answer. I have found purpose and the freedom that comes from saying yes to Jesus and placing my faith in Him. 

I have been a believer most of my life and as the years go on I only grow deeper in love with The Lord. My mom is an on fire believer with a passion for Jesus and the Word of God and she began teaching me at a young age about Jesus and what the Bible says. I remember praying with her every single night and reading Bible stories with her as a kid. I watched her for years seek The Lord and saw the power that her faith had in her life. Our life was far from perfect and I saw her lean into Jesus and the strength that she had through tough times, God was her rock. And He became my rock. 

While I was a kid I had 2 escapes: Music and Jesus. I never doubted that God existed, I never even doubted that Jesus died for my sins and loved me, but it did take many years of growing in relationship with Him. My life was hard and far from perfect and I found such peace in knowing that God had a plan for my life like it says in Jeremiah 29:11. That if I followed Him and loved Him, He would make all things work together for my good (Romans 8:28). I fell in love with being in the presence of Jesus. The clarity and peace that came from just sitting in His presence, reading The Bible and praying was incredible. I leaned on Him through the trials of my childhood and high school years. He loved me and directed me in a way that I couldn’t believe. He gave me a strength I could only dream of having. The same strength that I saw in my Mom growing up. But now I had my own faith. 

The love and presence of Jesus I had experienced was not something I could forget or walk away from. 

In 2012 when I was diagnosed with a debilitating auto immune disease and went through the hardest times of my life it became even clearer to me who God is. When I say these times were dark, that is an understatement. There were many times over many years I truly did not even want to live anymore. My life had become survival and suffering and my dreams seemed to be shattered in front me.

My faith was tested. My marriage was tested. My strength was tested.

I believe now that when faith is not tested, it is not sure. It is shallow. Because when you are between life and death, or amidst a tragedy, THAT is when your true colors show, that is when you either hold to your faith or throw it out the window. 

When I got sick and was struggling in all areas from physical to emotional to financial, I clung to Jesus. When I had horrible nights of sickness and panic I would worship and sing though the pain. He always gave me hope and NEVER left me to suffer. There is always a plan for Him to use it for my good and He always has.

There is a peace in His arms that no person on this planet can bring. We all have a hole and an empty space in our hearts and lives that only God can fill.

There is no one on this planet that can convince me that He doesn’t exist. I’ve felt Him, I’ve seen Him work in my life and I have devoted my life to sharing my faith, loving God and loving people. 

My deepest desire is that every person on the planet can come to know the God I serve, to know God the way I do. That they would hold tight to their faith in a faithless world. Because then, there is nothing too overwhelming to handle, there is eternal hope and a reason and a purpose for living that nothing else can give. Every moment of my life has a purpose and a reason and a hope. And it is ALL because of Jesus. 

With Love, Tiffany

pic cred:  rachel-pfuetzner-608791-unsplash