Tim Bisagno
Tim Bisagno Bio

Host, MXTV

Tim Bisagno was born September 11, 1962, and grew up in Houston, TX as the son of a prominent pastor. Tim took the traditional path of acquiring a classic ministry-education by graduating from Baylor University and attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but his heart was not in it. Struggling, Tim unsuccessfully used drugs and alcohol to quit his call to ministry. Instead, Tim discovered his desperate need for God. Through this sobering experience, Tim not only grew in knowing Jesus but also a deep desire to make Him known.

Tim went on to study art and sanctification at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. He then completed a Discipleship Training School and a School of Evangelism through Youth With A Mission and later served 2.5 years as a foreign missionary in Amsterdam, Holland. Tim knew the need for a ministry that would reach young people by speaking “their language.” So in 1992 while in Amsterdam, he founded an evangelistic rock band “The Friendly’s.” Known as musician-aries, they held concerts in secular nightclubs, parks and music festivals in over 15 countries. His concerts included a multi-media synchronized presentation of the Gospel through modern imagery, video and live music. The lyrics were displayed in the native tongue and the evening always concluded with a live invitation through an interpreter. Many of these tours ended with 3 days of discipleship known as “Jesus Camps.”

Tim was ordained into ministry and in order to continue reaching the youth of the world for Jesus he founded “Mission X” a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry in 1994. Within a few years M X T V (Mission X Television) was born. M X T V is a weekly 30 minute evangelistic TV program offering an eclectic menu of alternative music videos, extreme sports, short films and relevant teaching. In it’s second year of production M X T V received the 1999 Dove Award for “Best Local Broadcast Show in the Nation.”

Tim exclaims, “It’s my desire as host of M X T V for M X T V to be the best evangelistic communication piece on TV and Internet to unchurched young adults between the ages of 15-30 who are still awaiting their redemption. With God’s help, M X T V will make an unprecedented Kingdom-impact upon this Media Generation by effectively presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s language, resulting in their salvation.”

Tim strongly believes, “due to the decreased usage of standard television and the vast increase of Internet usage, M X T V must accept the inherent responsibility and challenge of broadening the palette of ways for today’s young adult to connect to God. We must all initiate new approaches to making ancient truth more accessible.  This is a time-sensitive need in today’s technology-drenched and globally connected community.”

Besides hosting M X T V, Tim is also a professional photographer. His two favorite pastimes are bow hunting and traveling with his wife Edye, and their two sons, River and Rocco. Tim and his family currently reside in Franklin, TN.