news from the field :: mxtvUK

I don’t know who am going to be,

As I have this mixed message that MTV is sending me,

And the negative lyrics are starting to effect.

So it’s a struggle to keep my faith in check,

Because you ain’t all that if you’re not out getting wasted.

Plastic surgery for famous faces & using women as sex objects, and if I ain’t perfect, I am not accepted

They have packaged up a lie so good, am impulse buying it.

The currency is my soul and I ain’t even denying it.

But hey, a least they can relate to me, because it’s relevant to me.

They are meeting my generation where they are at you see.

I am sorry but lectures, begging for money & old school gospel track will not cut it.

Then I came across MXTV.

My generation is hard to reach but they are reaching me, changing me & impacting me.

From 1997 they have been inviting the world to heaven.

Speaking my language, broadcasting over 200 countries and reaching 3.4 billion people.

Because they made church more than pews, stained glass, windows and a steeple.

People say plant some seed, when really it’s Jesus they need.

I remember Tim spoke on Love what you do.

When I was thinking, man, I really don’t love what I do.

But now I love what I do.

Bringing my generation to salvation.

Thank you, MXTV

Steven McLeish - Pastor/Spoken Word Artist

Glasgow, Scotland