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Christian Television CNL seeks preach the gospel to all: far and near, around the globe. We wish to reveal Christ to millions of people, to help them establish themselves in the truth, strengthened in the faith, to begin to live in purity, holiness and righteousness. Most importantly the desire channel CNL - to bring the light of God in every home, in every heart that many people have had the opportunity to hear about the salvation of Christ and reconciled to God. Through broadcasting Christian programs, the Word of God comes to people's lives, the Lord is doing His work, and the kingdom of God spreads the fragrance of Christ's love heals many hearts. The audience of CNL are the Russian-speaking population living outside of Siberia and Central Asia to Israel, North Africa, Europe and America. Viewers programs available Christian subjects of the educational, scientific, educational, evangelistic, news, children's and music programs. MXTV reaches Russian-speaking youth around the world through CNL.

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