mx more :: the struggle is real by chill aguilar

If you have been a believer long enough and can be honest to admit it, you will agree with me when I say the Christian walk is not a “wind sprint”. It’s more like a marathon race that can be long, tiring, cold, dark and lonely at times! People who have not ran the race or believers who have only been spectators afraid to get off the bench of life and get in the game, tend to think the Christian life is cake-walk filled with blue skies and butterflies sipping on a Starbucks coffee listening to Hillsong.

Maybe it’s easy for people who only go to church on Sundays and holidays…maybe it’s easy for the people who have never took a stand and truly lived what they believed.

Only the people that are in the race will understand how hard the Christian walk can be at times some people will never see the constant struggle.

They will never see the pain and suffering we will have to endure at times.

There is always a war for our soul. A daily battle between good and evil, a fight between the flesh and the spirit!

They do not see the Enemy that chases after us daily, trying to trip us up, pull us down and pull us back to our past! The bible says that the Enemy is like a roaring lion, constantly waiting to devour us. The struggle is real and we have to decide, daily, whom we are going to serve!

In life’s race, we have a choice to keep running toward the finish line or running backward towards the past. Which way are you going? Are we going to wake up and put on the new man or the new woman or are we going to wake up daily and put on the masks from our past?

Are we going to lace up the Nikes and just do it or are we going to stay a jaded cynic on the sidelines of life sipping on “HATERADE” discouraging all the new runners.

I get it, we all make some dumb choices in life we all can get “lost in the sauce.”

We all miss the mark at times. We fall short on our way to the finish line…but the good news is there is still HOPE, as long as your breathing! The race is not over yet! Understand this, God is not tripping on your mistakes and heartbreaks. He knows your heart and he will always see the best in us no matter what! He is the life coach to the broken, always making room for you and me on His team, always encouraging us to stay on the course. He will always stay running with you for He is with you always!

You just need to remember you are put here to “run your race”. Stop trying to run someone else’s race…stop letting people, friends, family, and religions rules that put you in fear, hold you down hinder your walk and make you feel like you are never going to be good enough.

Everyone struggles at sometimes during their Christian walk, just look at the Homeboy PAUL, he said, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” Romans 7:15

We all have choices that we have to make every morning when we roll out of bed, choices between the flesh and the spirit and it’s on us on what we choose to serve daily. But, know this whichever one you water and feed will grow…sometimes it can grow out of control.

One wants to see you WIN and one wants to see you LOSE!

One will give you LIFE more abundantly and the other one is a DEATH sentence.

So, yes my friends the “Christian walk” is not easy, it does get hard at times and yes you can feel like giving up or quitting but just don’t! LIFE may have hit you with a “sucker punch” and knocked the shout out of you, you may feel like laying down and dying but don’t because you’re brokenness is going to turn into breakthrough.

All the nights you cried yourself to sleep, all the times people talked behind your back, all the times you felt like giving up, all the promises people didn’t keep to you…every “struggle” you have been going through is just a stepping stone in life to get you where God is trying to get you to go.

While running this race we have to constantly remind and encourage ourselves to be of good cheer and never forget that God runs alongside with us pushing us to victory.

We also need to remember we are more than conquerors in Christ and when the road gets long and hard when you feel all alone remember that JESUS will never leave us or forsake us! He will not bail on us when times get tough like, some of our friends and family members have done to us in the past!

Be encouraged today, be inspired today, run your race even if you trip, even when you slow down to catch your breath at times just keep running your race, keep your eyes on the prize and never give up…

- Chill Aguilar