2015 Summary

Our Story – God’s story of MXTV.

This show IS about - always HAS been about - and always WILL be about JESUS & His Word ! Our Format is SIMPLE = MUSIC - MESSAGE - MEDIA - MAYHEM in 28.5 minutes.

Here’s what MXTV looks like in 2015. MXTV PROMO VIDEO 2015

Instead of loading you down with a novel of info, here is everything, in summary, in one spot! Hopefully, it will give you lots of good “PRAY” points smile

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Here is a brief description of MXTV’s THREE M’s! - Our brand new social networking discipleship program. Also, MXTV’s - coming soon episode - “The Song King,” our most epic episode ever!

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MXTV paints a new picture of evangelism by using media and technology to broaden the palette of ways for today’s young person to connect to God. Realizing this generation uses many social networking platforms to give AND receive MOST of their daily communications - We have created a couple new “discipleship palettes” to meet them right where they are.

Take a look at our biggest venture in years - MISSION X MINUTE. Lives changed by the minute! 1-minute clips originated from our top 30 episodes - leading back to our full episodes!

Our most popular discipleship venture - OVERCOMERS VIDEO “Raw & Honest, Real Encouragement in 3 mins”.

Our newest episode, currently in the editing room - “New Giant Killers Wanted.” Here’s a sneak peak. NEW GIANT KILLERS WANTED TEASER.

We thank you for continuing to pray for and support MXTV and would love to hear your thoughts!

With Vision, Tim and Edye Bisagno

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