Time and Space

Thoughts from a viewer:

I was lost in the pressures of the world. I didn’t have time or space for God (or even myself).

School was demanding, life was stressful… I really wish I could end it all. But I knew I needed God back in my life but I felt it was too much to ask.

When I watched spaces, I prayed and I re-dedicated my life to Him. As I prayed, I felt his love & space [life] falling all over me. I thank God for your lives at mxtv.org for leading me away from the world and back to my Father.

I am in Ghana, Africa.

I watched spaces (part of it) on satellite television some time ago. But I had the opportunity of watching it fully yesterday at mxtv.org.

I needed to watch it slowly and at my own pace (you know pause and think about certain things like “God wants to trade spaces with me” and stuff like that).

Not that the message didn’t sink in the first time… But for it to change my life I needed to get it right from the beginning and take it slow. And when I did, I met his love full and rugged.

Here in my side of the world, God’s word is always laced with religion (like fried chicken with cholesterol:(

I needed something different. Something that wouldn’t make me feel guilty and dejected. Something rugged and unbiased by religion… And this is what I found at mxtv.org.

It made me realize that sometimes the only motivation one needs is God’s love. Francis M.

You can view SPACES here.