MXTV Partners with 24 FLIX

Wholesome Family Entertainment.

MXTV has partnered with 24 FLIX to add the episodes of MXTV to the their roster of family entertainment.

It is said that 60% of the internet is pornography. We are living in a world where access to PG-13 movies and G rated movies have foul languages, implied nudity and many terrible things that we don’t want our children to watch and don’t want to watch ourseves. A recent servey was taken and said that 80% of Americans want to see more family-friendly content on television, theaters and online. This is where 24 flix comes in.

24flix.com website that is dedicated to providing wholesome family Movies, Television Shows, Documentaries and Sports. A place where you and your family can once again sit togeher and watch entainment that has values and life lessons.

A place where filmmakers and producers can rent and sell their films, documentaries, tv shows and more. 24 flix is a solution to independent filmmakers that are making wholesome family friendly films.

We all know that traditional television is almost dead and everything is now online, we know that more people are watching Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries and sports on the internet then on traditional television. More people are using their smart phones, tables and personal computers to watch content. Why not have good content.