mx more :: remedy by ylimemariee

Heart bleeds out in symphonies, cause your my remedy, you were always there for me, pulled me in like it was nothing, it was something.

Vibing off of this energy, remedy, feelings alive inside of me, no more dead vibes, you remember those late night drives? 2016, Open canvas, Catch me as I’m fading, secretly contemplating everything spinning deep inside me. Confusion is the illusion, trust issues is my confession. Walls I built up high with the gate locked. But then you came in knocking…

Bleeding out midnight lights heart broken shattered all over these pavements, blind to reality…come alive in the city…starring blank face, with a locked up space wanting to be one with the sky, I was probably high off the life I had inside…Holding on by a thread, stress filled up in my head, couldn’t get out of bed.

Remedy, remedy it was far from me. Until you heard me, you saw me…I didn’t deserve it. You came in, you know my life was messy, my heart was not inside me, but you put the puzzle pieces back together, picked it back up and put it inside me. Zombified dead to this life, love came in. Prayers, you heard me screaming…you knew what I was needing, a remedy.

Singing again, picking up the pen again. This good life is not a commercial break, not be like wake up now we’re back to the main show, to the movie, were real life is living in a fantasy of what we want it to be, humanity stuck in a hole.

Took me a minute and then it hit me like good beats driving next to me, this good life isn’t temporary, not a dream that you can wake up from. It’s the thought perspective, we get it twisted up, good feelings, late night memories, good drinks, good vibes is the remedy in this energy that I’m feeling alive deep inside me.

we need and we must not lose grip or touch…this life is a rush, the world wants to hush us, and smother us like the illusion of a good life is far from us. Don’t let them in, are you crazy, you don’t deserve it, they’ll hurt you or you’ll just do it yourself cause your just messed up. Lies, these are lies…perfection is fantasy, imperfection is humanity. Don’t lock up, open up, release what’s inside, acknowledge the flaws you hide, no divide but love inside.

To feel something real, to let my scars heal, heart beating cause I found my remedy, I found my remedy singing, rhyming my melody cause your not far from me, Lord you’re right here with me living alive inside me, my remedy.

- ylimemariee