mx more :: judged

An escape I need, cause your expectations are filling up my lungs and I can’t breathe. Holding on by a thread ‘cause the stress is all up in my head…and I can’t get out of my bed, your words and your judgments are the chains that keep me suffocating. Pulling me up and down, I can’t move. Violating the freedom I’m supposed to be living.

Be the voice, stand up strong when the world is pulling you down. Don’t let them look down on you cause you young.

Mean words are the bruises on my neck, insecurities hitting me like an earthquake. Your looks don’t welcome me but, shut me out, I may need you but you’re not listening, you’re not hearing but you seeing my covers.

Be Jesus your supposed to be but, if He’s anything like the person that I’m seeing then He won’t accept me. kinda sad, isn’t it? when this isn’t how it was supposed to be. Live freely, be who you’re made to be, love unconditionally,

Be the voice, stand up strong when the worlds got you feeling down. Don’t let them tell you what you’re supposed to be when being different is the point that He’s making.