Does God REALLY have a Plan for Each of Us?

Does God Have a Plan for Each of Us? (Jeremiah 29:1–32)

In the story above, Jeremiah was speaking God’s words to the Jewish people who were in exile in Babylon. The letter that he wrote offered the promise that God would restore his people after 70 years. God assured them in Jeremiah’s letter that he would carry out his plan for them and would bless them.

The fact that God took care of his people and loved them even when they

turned away from him

and were being punished is encouraging. This is just one of the many places in the Bible where God revealed that he has plans for his people, and he will bring them about. Another example of this is the story of Joseph, who was sold into slavery but eventually saved the people of Egypt from famine. Throughout the Bible, God had plans for his people even when they were in difficult situations.

We know that God loves his people and will care for us today as he has cared for his people in the past. We can try to discover God’s plan for our lives by reading the Bible, praying, and seeking advice from parents, pastors and mentors.

Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t hearing Him right now. He isn’t always vocal and doesn’t watch a clock. He is waiting for the exact, perfect right time to bless you! Keep your eyes and ears on Him…It will happen!

*excerpt from Bible Gateway