Dear Girls

Dear Girls

Dear Girls, I have something to say to you,

the stuff your listening to just isn’t true

and I hope this poem gets through to you.

You are not ugly, dumb or unattractive,

you need to take every thought captive because you captivate.

You are not just another stereotype and as you type your status know that you are more than your status and likes.

You say your fat and ugly but that is not what you post to be.

A princess and a daughter of the king is what you’re supposed to be.

You are beautiful, unique, one in a billion, one of a kind, awesome, brilliant, creative, powerful, stunning and sm awoman after God’s own heart,

and whether you think your fat or thin just be comfortable in your own skin.

And next time you think of the word beautiful don’t forget to count yourself in.

You are precious, a trusted diamond and boys who don’t wait for you are not wise men

because you are one of the most valued commodities there is and know this you will never look like the girl in the magazine, even the girl in the magazine doesn’t look like the girl in the magazine.

but you are queen, no low self-esteem because the Creator of the Universe esteems you highly. You are loved by God so don’t live your life photoshopped and take the filter off.

The Bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and when God made you he did not make a mistake. He can’t stand when you compare yourself to others because you are beautiful just the way you are.

So don’t let this world’s expected images to conceal you be the real you,

and don’t cut the skin there is too much beauty within,

and don’t let the words from peoples’ lips stick but pick God’s foundation. I see in you, you can change a nation, but I see you live under the shadow of extensions of lies but come out from under there with a fire and a hunger in your eyes.

You are more than beauty products and you are not a sex object,

and by all means wear makeup, but not to make up someone that’s made up.

Don’t believe the nasty things people said or the lies in your head because they all come from the father of all lies Satan and when he’s making you cry inside just know that one day you will be a beautiful bride,

and that groom will love you for who you are,

and think you are the most gorgeous by far.

I know for some of you, your heart breaks but you are strong and have what it takes,

and it takes not giving the devil a chance to let any man hold your hand for a one night stand but take a stand.

The timing may or may not be right for you,

but Mr. Right is out there for you,

waiting for you with a ring that says I promise,

promise to be all you hoped he be,

promise to cherish and hold you forever,

and he will say with everything I give her,

all my heart.

He will die for you,

nothing will separate you apart.

But as you wait for Mr. Right,

and when nothing feels right,

know that there is always one Mr. Right…

Jesus Christ,

who has already died for you.

And as He gets off the cross,

he will bend down on one knee and say,

will you…Live for me?

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Steven McLeish