Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Where do you want go?

What do you want to do ?

These are important questions but sometimes I think we get so caught up in this that we can miss the point.

God said I have come to give life, (John 10:10) life in all its fullness. Not I have come to give you achievements, not that it is wrong to have achievements but when they become the focus it can become out of balance.

God is all about giving life, new life and doing life, he cares about life, big time. I have noticed that life is a journey not a destination and if we are not careful we can get so caught up in the destination we forget to enjoy the journey.

We can go on long walks and forget to breath in the fresh air and smell the roses or go on long car journeys and not take the time to look at God’s amazing creation. We can often go through life and miss out on amazing conversations, new friendships, being inspired by others’ stories, receiving encouragement, healing or allowing our wounds to become someone’s healing and our comfort to become someone’s comfort. If we would only just take time and be interruptible. Jesus had time for everyone, still to this very day.

Life has up & downs but if you learn to enjoy the journey you can see how truly beautiful it can be. This life can have the most ugly situations but God can turn them into his masterpiece and truly make all things work together for good. So stop getting frustrated to get there and trust God. For example, if your on a plane and it takes you 8 hours to get to your desired destination there is nothing you can do to get there any faster. You have two options: 1. Get stressed, frustrated and worked up that you are not getting there quicker or 2. You can enjoy the flight, talk to people, read a book, watch TV, have a nap, whatever it may be. I believe it’s the same with God, nothing is going to get you to a destination any sooner than God’s timing. You can get frustrated about God’s plan for your life or enjoy the journey getting there.

The question shouldn’t be are we there yet ? but am I enjoying the journey getting to my destination?

One of the most important things in our journey is to remember to simply Love which is spelt T-I-M-E.

I will finish with a quote from one of my best friends from Honduras who says, “be free, live your life, go on the adventure.”

Psalm 27:13 ESV

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!

enjoy the journey.