Nuteki: The Wind Inside by Brian Herr

The Wind Inside by Nuteki

“In the beginning,

God created…”

God spoke (or maybe sang) the universe into existence.

Like a deep, rich bell being rung in a silent space, God’s words echoed and reverberated through space and time and continue to impact, inspire, and create today. If your eyes and ears are open, you can see and hear them everywhere.

Someone recently passed a song on to me with words that perhaps capture some of those echoes. The band is Nuteki, a grungy alternative Russian act whose live shows are the band’s real strength.

“The Wind Inside” might be interpreted as a gentle beckoning from Creator to creation to return, that in spite of the waywardness, there’s a healing, a belonging that’s available for those willing to accept those things.

In my own life, I’ve experienced that gentle beckoning from my Creator. Although I’d grown up in church, did the youth group thing every week, and had parents who were good role models, I chose the path of drugs, partying, and general hedonism.

Now, I’ll never say I didn’t have fun during those years. I had a freaking blast. Some of the most formative and indelible experiences happened to me during those times. The places I went, the people I met, the conversations I had – they all add up to who I am today, and I’ll never despise those times. I’ve learned to embrace them, to be at peace with the decisions I made.

That said, after about six years of free-wheeling my way through life, I found myself at a place where I was drained. The life was sucked out of me. I was scared. I was doing so many drugs that I couldn’t tell whether the thoughts I was having actually were real.

“Did I actually have that conversation, or did I just imagine it? Was that something in my dream, or did that happen?”

Right about that time, something interesting happened. God’s gentle, patient love began to hit me like cannonballs. His Presence began to overwhelm me, like smelling the earth on a new, bright clean spring morning.

It wasn’t that He had just begun speaking to me at that point. I just started really paying attention.

And then I started taking action. It’s one thing to hear from God. It’s quite another to do what He’s asking. Up until that point in my life, I really hadn’t been doing any of either. But that Love – it compelled me to act, and that action eventually brought me into a fullness of life that I could have never imagined or accomplished on my own.

So maybe it’s just me as I listen to the lyrics of this song, wanting this to be a snapshot of God’s gentle whispering. You might listen to or read these lyrics and find yourself thinking something completely different about them.

That’s fine. But to those of you who may be where I was – and let’s face it, still find myself occasionally – let these words, wrapped in the molten sound of music, be a balm and comfort to your soul. Know that there’s nothing you’ve done that can ever separate you from the crazy, passionate love of your Creator.

He longs for you. He has from the beginning. Maybe, in this song, those words are finding you in the exact moment when and where you need them.

Brian Herr lives in Pittsburgh, PA where he is a husband, dad, hockey nut, and communicator. You can connect with him at facebook.com/brianherrtv