The Pool

Most people would agree that “the worst pool ever” is one that cannot hold water. By definition, if you are a “pool” and you cannot keep water in yourself for the purpose of swimming, then in my opinion you are simply “the worst pool ever.” We acquired “the worst pool ever” when we moved into our current home because – you guessed it – the pool can’t hold water. It thinks it is a leaking water hose instead of a pool.

After several contractors and various theories and pontifications about this “worst pool ever” scenario, we finally have a solution and will be spending some time (and no doubt – money) to make the “worst pool ever” a functioning pool again. Will it ever become the “best pool ever?” That will remain to be seen for some time. But for now, we are just looking forward to it functioning as it was intended to function – as a pool that actually holds water.

Because I am a lawyer, many friends and acquaintances have been curious as to my take on the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalizes marriage between two people of the same sex. Countless theologians have and will address this issue from the Biblical perspective much better than I will be able to in this context so I will not venture into that territory here. I will tell you, however, what I tell those who ask for my opinion. Because my husband and I have several friends (and a relative, even) whom we love deeply and who are of the homosexual lifestyle, I have given much thought/prayer to this over the years. My two thoughts have to be read together – so don’t stop at just the first thought: 1) homosexuality is not God’s intention for us – it goes against the “best” plan He wants for us per how He created us; and 2) God loves us more than we can ever imagine or hope to comprehend – even in our sinful nature (thus why He sent His only Son to bear all of our “worst” so that by God’s grace we get to live with God forever. See John 3:16) .

Why am I talking about pools and homosexual marriage in the same post? It is simple. Just as a pool is created to work best when it can hold water properly, we work best when we make choices in our lives that follow how God created and intended us to work. We miss God’s best for us when we go against His Word… when we choose to sin and let ourselves live out a different life than our true purpose. Sure these topics can be messy and hard to discuss without hurt feelings. But I also think that – like our pool – there are times in our lives when we are not operating as God originally planned for us and thus we become the worst versions of ourselves. We miss out on His best for us – we miss out on our true purposes and His best plan. As I look on this pool that will hopefully get to operate as the pool it was intended to be – I have to ask myself, am I living God’s best for my life according to His purpose for me? Or have I made choices that are resulting in me being the “worst” version of myself without me realizing it? Am I being someone different than He intended and thus missing out on His best plan for my life?

“My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” Jeremiah 2:13

by His grace -