MXTV is a television show reaching this Media Generation through music, message, and media.

MXTV’s mission is to creatively rePresent God’s Word to this Media Generation, ending each episode with an opportunity to respond to the Gospel.


Music is the heartbeat of MXTV. By showcasing music videos and offering our online ‘VIDEO INDIE’, it becomes the bridge that connects this generation to the message. Music is a vital part of how we communicate, sometimes much more than words themselves!


Our host, Tim Bisagno and guest co-hosts, using scripture references, generation relatable stories, short films, and revelations of the subject matter at hand. The message part of each MXTV episode takes on a life of its own as it feeds into all the other corners!


Hookin’ up with musicians, artists, actors and people around the world to reveal questions and answers.

Though every picture is different, the stability of the framework remains the same. With this in place, it enables us to stay on mission and creatively re-Present God’s words to this generation, resulting in their salvation.